Hi there! First of all, thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate the visit. This website was created for me to showcase my diverse interests, and for me to figure out a way to download my experiences to others.

I live in Malaysia. I was born in the UK. I grew up in Malaysia until I was 12 when I moved to Singapore with my parents and I finished my high school in a well known international school in there. I did my tertiary education in the UK. I started my career in Malaysia as a Chartered Accountant in the oil and gas industry. My areas of specialities are in upstream oil and gas accounting, statutory and management accounts, and Strategic Planning. There have been quite a few successes in my career. One of the highlights was my three year posting in Vietnam where I started the Finance outfit from scratch for a new joint venture development project.

I enjoy having the adrenaline rush from any kinds of activities, be it a working project or a sports activity. I love wake boarding and golfing. The two sports which I can only afford to indulge in when I have the time and money to spare. Otherwise, I stay fit with some high intensity interval training. This brings me to another topic  of my passions i.e. fitness. I became an ACE certified personal trainer in 2010 due to this burning desire of mine to take my passion for fitness to the next level. It’s been an amazing journey for me networking in the fitness industry and meeting with world renowned fitness leaders since becoming certified.

I am also an animal lover. One of my dearest cats lived until the grand age of 23 years old. Another one died at the age of 13 from FIV disease. Currently I have four cats keeping my parents animated. One of my dreams is to increase more contribution towards eradicating cruelty to animals. Animals depend on us humans to protect their wellbeing.

I look forward to staying in touch.

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